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Migrating an existing Navision/NAV solution, which has often grown over the years, to a new NAV product version frequently presents companies with a big challenge.

We’ll help you migrate to the new solution.

In doing so we’ll help you not only technically, we’ll also advise you on the new functions and will evaluate together with you which adjustments should be sensibly migrated and which shouldn’t.

The precise approach to migrating an existing Navision/NAV installation to a current version depends very strongly on the character of the existing installation.

The rule that generally applies is the lower the scope of the existing adjustment to the solution, the easier and quicker it can be upgraded. But an upgrade can also be made to highly individualised solutions at any time. We’ll be pleased to help you upgrade your existing Navision/NAV solution to a current version..

Our Proceed by Dynamics® NAV Upgrade Project

  • Analysis
    • System evaluation with customer cooperation
    • Dimensioning of NAV Migration
  • Validation
    • Workshops to make a decision about use of new functionalities
    • Workshops to make a decision about interruption of old cutomisations
  • Spezifications
    • if necessary the required Adjustment of new Standards
    • Data migration
  • Technical Migration
    • of Standards, Customisations, Data
  • Test Phase
  • Dynamics® NAV Workshops
  • Migration due date
  • Support

If you want to migrate an existing Navision/NAV solution to a current version and have any questions about the optimal approach or the expected expenses, please get in touch with us. We’ll be pleased to work out an approach and will also carry this out with you.

Your Benefits:

  • Many years of experience
  • Several Upgrades behind us
  • Very high quality
  • Proffesional Quellcode Adjustment
  • Functional Analysis
  • Cooperation with partner for Add-Ons