XTRAS, Projekt Management - Vorteile - Softwarewechsel

You have an obsolete software solution – or rather several different applications – that do not support your processes as you imagine and burden you with unwanted additional work. Have you got the feeling that time has stood still for you for years and there has been a lack of progress in adjusting to the current IT world?

Then it’s time to change!

Swap your “old” software and/or your isolated solutions – for the fully-integrated scalable Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central ERP software.

Convert with us conveniently and painlessly!

Your benefits:

  • Your old Software Architecture will be removed
  • You will get an innovative, fully integrated Solution
  • Your Company becomes innovative, forward looking and flexible
  • Your Company expands with your new ERP Software

Study Case for logistics

  • Business environment
    • Group of companies with 10 fiscal companies
  • Previous software solutions
    • Provider A for truck transports (separate master data)
    • Provider B for air and sea freight (separate master data)
    • Provider C for CRM (separate master data)
    • Provider D for accounting
  • Previous problems
    • o No overview of intermodal transports — collection, transport and delivery always in different carrier orders in divided applications
    • Financial evaluations possible only in accounting and only with delays via interfaces, without the important operational carrier data ,
      • Im Ergebnis – unvollständige Managementauswertungen bis hin zur fehlenden Geschäftskontrolle
      •  As a result- incomplete management assessments up to lack of business control
  • Multiple update and service charges at several software providers
  • Very high transaction costs for customs clearance via Clearing Center
  • “Old” inflexible software architectures, , for which adjustments are very expensive or even impossible to implement
  • Repeated data recording of the same master and operating data in different applications
  • Very high complexity of the IT landscape generates enormous IT administration expenses (set-up and maintenance)
  • Duplicated recording of a billing process for for intercompany transactions
  • New Solution
    • Fully integrated, tailored all-in-one ERP solution Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central with Xfreight incl. Xcust
  • Advantages
    • All the Problems listed above have been solved
    • Business processes have been optimised and speeded up
    • Very high data quality due to common memory and central – one-off – data recording
    • Immediate financial evaluation of the costs and income in simple and very complex carrier orders in real time
      • From the quotations, through budgeting incl. provisions, and invoiced expenses/benefits, up to liquidity (with outstanding items and unpaid invoices)
    • Multi-dimensional evaluations related to operating data and thus full business control
    • Hedging against undesirable business risks through actual credit limit checks when recording orders and billing in real time