About our company

Our Goal

XTRAS Forward thinking GmbH & Co. KG was founded with the objective of developing and marketing modern, process-oriented applications for companies from the logistics branch. Our team consists of experts who have acquired many decades of experience in the IT field of the logistics branch.

Logistic companies need software solutions that allow the employees of a globally distributed company organisation to cooperate in a transport order using one software solution.

The status of the individual tasks within a transport order must be transparent for all involved companies and persons. The financial accounting system must be fully integrated for all transport routes. The option of creating consolidated statistics merely “at the touch of a button” must be given. With user questions, it must be possible to provide support at all imaginable company Locations.

We are committed to this demand. We are proud of our solution, which, first and foremost, attains one objective:

Transparency at all Levels

 Why XTRAS ?

Xfreight was developed to provide an application for internationally active logistics companies and for all transport routes. We have expressed this in our company name:

LogistiX Truck Rail Air Sea

In the following, we have listed all companies that are involved in the develope of Xfreight.


Germany, with approx. 2.7 million employees in this branch, is arguably the most important logistics location in Europe. In 2011, the present-day managing director of XTRAS forward thinking GmbH & Co. KG, which was founded in 2013, recognised the potential of  Xfreight and started customising the software for the German market. In the meantime, at two locations in Germany,  Xfreight has been equipped with all decisive functions that are needed for the German logistics market.


The structured development of a comprehensive solution for the logistics branch requires considerable personnel resources. Therefore, a development centre was established in Kiev in 2008 and given the name XPAND . To this day, XPAND is the undisputed development partner of our company group and, thanks to 40 programmers it guarantees rapid and first class development results.