General Modules


The contact addresses that have been entered in Xfreight can be classified and profiled in more detail. The additional entered features subsequently serve as the foundation for sales analyses and campaigns.

Your benefits:

  • fully integrated CRM system
  • complete transparency of the operational activities
  • no necessity for interfaces
  • statistics on the foundation of address profiling

Offer System

Offers can be created in Xfreight on the foundation of the purchase or sales tariffs that have already been entered. This represents the foundation for a newly created shipment further down the line in the process.

Your benefits:

  • fully integrated offer system
  • complete transparency of the operational activities
  • offers are transferred to a shipment as a preliminary calculation
  • statistic evaluations “Effectiveness Sales” possible

Forwarding Agency Fare System

Xfreight comprises a complete fare system forwarding for the administration of purchase and sales tariffs.

Your benefits:

  • Fully integrated fare system for purchase and sales tariffs
  • Staffeltarife, kombinierte Tarife (z.B. weight/distance)
  • Tarif validities
  • Automatic Tarif Suggestion by accounting
  • Fastest possible processing of a shipment
  • No complicated, manual administration of tariffs in other software products (e.g. Excel)
  • Possibility to import tariffs based on Excel templates


Intercompany Order

Xfreight offers the possibility of cooperating in a transport order/process with employees who are allocated to different, economically independent companies..

Your Benefits:

  • no necessity for the creation of numerous transport orders for the individual transport routes
  • no “internal” offsetting or charging of performances. Revenues from Client1 can simultaneously be booked as expenditures in Client 2
  • Great time saving due to not-required double bookings
  • maximal possible transparency at the operative level – direct benefit controlling


Compliance Check

With the support of the software solution SaCoS (Satis Compliance Solution), we have integrated a convenient sanctions list check in order to guarantee the highest possible process security in our software solutions

Your benefits:

  • comfortable sanctions lists checking
  • greatest possible safety of your processes



Inputting dangerous goods

It is possible to present dangerous goods data in a clear and structured manner in Xfreight. Additional dangerous goods data can be recorded per goods line input for this purpose.


These inputs can then in turn be reproduced clearly and as per ADR requirements on the appropriate .

Invoice templates

Xfreight offers the possibility to copy invoices from template items with one simple action..

Your benefits:

  • Consistent invoicing
  • Prompt invoice generation



Electronic Ordes / EDI Orders

Xfreight has a functionality for importing orders from remote systems. Which is why the module – Xeo – was developed. Using XML messages, Xeo makes communication between Xfreight and external systems possible. Information can also be exchanged bidirectionally. An incoming XML message can include any number of orders, which usually consist of freight-relevant addresses and goods lines. If these messages are imported (e.g. automatically using JobQueue or manually), special tables will be supplied with data, which in turn can be the basis for an Xfreight order.

Your benefits:

  • automatic data transfer from other systems
  • clear, well-defined structur of input and output messages
  • adjustable, automatic mapping from Foreign-Codes to Xfreight-Codes (e.g. Containertypes or packaging types)
  • Promt order creation

Xfreight Electronic Order / EDI Aufträge on the Role Center Page