Comfort Information

Comfort information is a way to get valuable business information in a quick and easy way. Xcust supports all communication methods provided by Dutch customs:

  • Request for VAT Party Information

a)By using EORI No. and VAT No. it is possible to check your business partner. This functionality allows you to get answers to the questions like “Is the requested VAT number related to the requested Consignee number” or “Is an article 23 permit granted for the requested VAT number”.

  • Request for Exchange Rate Information

a)The always up-to-date access to the currency exchange rates used by the customs office

  • Request for Guarantee Information

a)It delivers the feedback about the guarantee balance on the customs account to pay taxes

  • Tariff Request

a)This function allows checking the current document requirements and duties for HS Codes (electronic customs tariff numbers of goods). Xcust reduces the risk of error when completing the declaration and allows you to estimate the projected taxes to be paid.