Road Transport

Module Xroad

Regardless of the waters you would like to transport your goods on, be it in containers, as FCL or LCL, as palletized loads or bulk products, collective shipments or heavy cargo – Xfreight does not distinguish between the different forms at all. You define what you need in the order flow and Xfreight then guides you through the processing.


  • Master Data Management
    • Company Master Data Management
    • Operational contacts and addresses
    • Direct Display of customers/vendors cumulative revenues
    • Accounting data(Accounts, VAT Groups)
    • Services types (pre carriage, truck load, waiting times etc.)
    • Creation and meintenance of freight rates
    • Forms (Word-Templates), Languages, Translation
  • Inventory Management
    • Article Administration and specification
    • Dangerous goods groups
    • commodity groups
    • Charakteristics
    • commodity codes and descriptions
  • Order registration
    • Creation of the area or department specific Orderflows
    • Shipment registration of pre-carriage, main carriage and on-carriage in one shipment
    • Creation of offers and orders
    • Creation of the collective orders
    • Creation of CMR’s and Bordero‘s
    • Creation of the text documents .doc from the templates with Microsoft Word
  • Payment and invoicing
    • Invoice, Credit Memo, Proforma Invoice, Collective Invoice
    • Invoice lines in foreign currency and/or in Euro
    • Transfer of Offer-Calculation Data
    • Registration of calculatory and “real” costs
    • Invoice receipt with items classification
    • Display of calculatory costs
    • Display of Freigh Forwarders Overview in Microsoft Excel
    • Centralised registration of purchase invoices and decentralised registration of sales invoices
    • Automatic invoicing of „internal invoices“ between companies
  • Printouts
    • CMR’s
    • Bill of lading
    • Borderos
    • Avise
    • Invoices
    • Collective Invoices
    • and much more.

Road Transport specific Add-ons

  • Consolidation
    • Overview of all consolidations
    • Overview of all Orders
    • Simply planning and disposition from the orders to the consolidation items