Mobile Devices

The logistics industry operates under enormous time pressure. It is particularly important here to make processes even more flexible and faster. Holistic solutions such as Xtos in combination with mobile devices are indispensable to satisfy the customer needs as quickly as possible. With the Mobile Solution for Xtos, work processes in a port/terminal can now be completed even more efficiently. E.g. loading orders, loading lists, and delivery confirmations can be created and registered digitally and processed directly by the relevant departments.

And how is this solved from the technical point of view?

OData technology makes it possible to connect a Personal Digital Assistant (e.g. an Android-based GSM device) and the Xtos with each other. The basic concept is as follows: the PDA device scans the barcodes (e.g. pallet number) and sends the information encapsulated in the barcode to the Terminal Operating System. The business logic in the Xtos processes this information accordingly and sends a response back to the GSM device. This can be done through a VPN (Virtual Private Network) connection and GSM network, whereby WiFI operation mode is also possible.

What features does this extension provide? Thanks to this functionality, data records from various databases, websites, etc. can be fetched and processed in no time. In other words: the new communication capability is much more efficient and time-saving!

Currently, the following business processes are mapped in Xtos:

  • Inbound unloading
  • Inbound Put-Away
  • Outbound pick-up / container stuffing
  • Taking and sending photos of the goods directly from the PDA (for complaint/documentation purposes) and immediate assignment in the TOS Order