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Our Xcust ATLAS solution allows certified communication with the data center of the German customs authority. Customs relevant data, such as goods details, goods values, customs tariff numbers, container information etc. are taken over by an order entry system (ERP), processed accordingly in ATLAS and transmitted to the customs computer centre. Responses generated by customs are accepted, forwarded to the corresponding process in the order entry system and made transparent to the user.

With Xcust ATLAS you can perform the following customs processes:

  • Import (Einfuhr- Freier Verkehr)
  • Export (Ausfuhr- AES)
  • NCTS (Versand NCTS)
  • Active refinement/conversion (AV-UV)
  • Summary declaration (Summarische Anmeldung- SumA)
  • Incoming-Outgoin SumA (Eingangs-Ausgangs- SumA)
  • Establishment concept (Niederlassungskonzept)

The ATLAS customs procedures are only available in German and can be read in the boxes below.