Customs Declarations

General customs processes

By sending the Customs Declaration with Xcust the declarant or submitter asks permission to place goods under the applicable customs procedure. The declaration is validated by the intelligent consistency check logic of Xcust, released for sending, submitted to AGS (the EDI system of the Dutch Customs in the Netherlands) and finally accepted or rejected by customs responding with status messages from AGS.

Xcust supports all available methods for submitting Customs Declarations to AGS:

  • Export declaration
  • Export declaration – Customs warehousing of prefinanced
  • Re-export after a customs procedure with economic impact other than the customs warehousing procedure (inward processing, temporary importation, processing under customs control)
  • Re-export after customs warehousing
  • Outward processing
  • Import declarationg
  • Placing under a customs procedure with economic impact other than the outward processing and customs warehousing procedures (inward processing (suspension system), temporary importation, processing under customs control)
  • Placing in customs warehouses of type A, B, C, E and F

Additional customs processes

When the declaration needs to be cancelled, changed or extended, Xcust provides necessary communication by Additional Declaration functionality. With this kind of message, the declarant or submitter sends additional information about a declaration to AGS.

Xcust supports the following Additional Declarations:

  • Alternative Proof
  • Request for Correction
  • Goods Presentation Notification
  • Request for Invalidation
  • Supplementary Declaration after Incomplete Declaration, used for delivery of supplemented, corrected and amended details of the declaration.