Customs Clearance with Xcust

Yesterday – Clearing Center

You normally used to transmit your ATLAS declarations via third-party providers (so-called clearing centres) to the German customs authorities. In addition to a monthly fee, these clearing centres usually charge additional transaction-related costs for providing the service. This quickly adds up to several thousand euros a year. The roundabout route via the clearing centres also leads to delays in sending the messages

Today – Xcust

Xcust is compatible with every ERP system available on the market or programmed in-house.This solution is distributed as a module and enables direct data exchange with the German customs authorities. And no transaction costs are incurred.

Xcust is based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central and is fully integrated in this application. Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Business Central users can take customs-relevant data directly from the order records and transmit it to the German customs authorities. No transaction costs are incurred in this model either.

Xcust was developed to enable globally operating logistics service providers to communicate quickly and cheaply with the German customs authorities. Because companies of this kind carry out almost every customer-relevant ATLAS procedure, Xcust can also be used by every industrial or trading company that exports or imports goods.

Xcust provides customs clearance via ATLAS – both for import and export procedures. Xcust can be used independently or also fully integrated in our sea and/or air freight application.
The application focuses on quick recording and processing of customs declarations and in the easy-to-use interface.

Xcust certificated Customs Procedures:

• Summarised Declaration)(SumA)
• Dispatch
• Export (AES)
• Inward/Outward processing SumA (EAS)
• Free circulation ( normal procedure)
• Inward Processing/processing under customs control

Your Benefits:

No transaction-related costs
• Full integration in the ERP system – no duplicated recording of customs-relevant data already available in the system.
• Automatic transmission to the customs authorities
• Plausibility errors are recognised, marked in colour and shown for correction
• Automatic and prompt ATLAS responses
• No laborious registration or approvals procedures
• Secure transactions
• Immediate use after release by the customs authorities

Xcust enables direct data exchange with the ATLAS customs system in Germany and AGS customs system in the Netherlands.

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