Our XTRAS solution for a quick customs clearance, Xcust AGS, enables you to communicate directly and certified with the data center of the Dutch Customs Authority. These are your advantages: with our two solutions for customs clearance, Xcust AGS for the Netherlands and Xcust ATLAS for Germany, you will be able to avoid the clearing centres and thus save the payment of transaction-related costs.

Customs-relevant data is transferred from an order entry system (ERP). Such data includes information such as goods details, goods values, customs tariff numbers, container information, and more.

With the help of the customs clearance software, the data is processed AGS accordingly and transmitted to the customs data centre. Our ERP system accepts and forwards the responses generated by customs authorities. Thus, the process is transparent to the user at all times.

Customs with Xcust AGS: Your options

Our modern software solution for customs clearance, Xcust AGS, can be used to handle a wide variety of procedures. Click on the link in the respective field to find out about the options of our software solution: