Air Freight

Modul Xair

Our multi-client capable software solution Xair is presented using the latest Windows technology and is operated as per Windows standards.
Xair supports airfreight forwarders in their daily work procedures and in recording/billing airfreight consignments. With the help of order flows all upcoming tasks can be systematically worked through and controlled.

With Xair you’ll achieve a permanent optimisation of the procedures in your transport chains.


  • Master Data Management
    • Clients Management
    • Company Master Data Management
    • Detailed authorization concept
    • Roles
    • Forms
    • Templates, Languages
    • Multilingual
  • Order registration
    • Direct AWB
    • HAWB
    • Back-to-Back
    • Consolidation
    • Foreign AWB
    • IGLU AWB
    • Creation of area or department specific Orderflows
    • Intercompany-Order – Orders transfer to other departments
  • Payment and invoicing
    • Invoice, Credit Memo, Proforma Invoice, Collective Invoice
    • Invoice lines in foreign currency and/or in Euro
    • Transfer of Offer-Calculation Data
    • Registration of calculatory and “real” costs
    • Invoice receipt with items classification
    • Display of calculatory costs
    • Display of Freigh Forwarders Overview in Microsoft Excel
    • Centralised registration of purchase invoices and decentralised registration of sales invoices
    • Automatic invoicing of „internal invoices“ between companies
  • Printouts
    • Air waybills
    • Barcode labels
    • Invoices
    • collective Invoices
    • Manifests
    • Bill of lading
    • and much more..

Air freight specific Add-ons

  • TRAXON/CHAMP Comunication – Interface optional
    • Fully integrated with Xfreight
    • Automatisation of air freight processes
    • All messages types (CARGOIMP) are supported
    • Historie
  • LBA Comunication – Interface optional
    • Integrated acces to the RA/KC Database
    • The review of RA und KC -Numbers – Validity
    • Search for Companies – RA und KC-Numbers
    • Historie
  • WebCargoNet Comunication – Interface optional
    • Integrated acces to WebCargoNet Database
    • Perfect Synchronisation
    • Always current net rates and Airline specific charges
  • IGLU Comunicationn – Interface optional
    • Fully integrated with Xfreight
    • Manuel and automatic Transfer of AWB-Data
    • Historie
  • CASS / IGLU Invoicing– Interface optional
    • Simply Import of CASS Invoice
    • Support of the several CASS Agents
    • Automatic assignment of invoice lines to the branch orders
    • Simultaneous processing of CASS settlement items by several users
    • Claim-Management