Track & Trace

Module Xtt

Xtt (Track & Trace)expands the functionality of our software solutions Xair, Xsea and Xroad so third parties (e.g. business partners, agents, customers and employees) can be provided with information about your air, sea and land freight consignments.
Access to information about roles can be controlled on the spot, meaning the quantity of data can be “tailored” with the help of user roles.
Documents generated in Xfreight can be called up via the website. In other words – a document can be uploaded or downloaded via the web application or shown in the browser.


  • Real time Data
    • Fully Integrated with Xair, Xsea und Xroad
    • Web-based Solution
    • Direct data access – no delay
  • User Management
    • User based/Roles based access permissions
    • User based/Roles based user menu
    • Predefined Standard-Roles: Customer, Shipper, Consignee, Agent/Partner
    • Assignment User – Companies
  • Extended search and filtering of Order Data
    • Diverse search criteria
    • Sorting of random data column
  • General additional features
    • Upload and Download of documents
    • Automatic and manual assignment of order-related documents
    • Historie with closed orders
    • Built-In Administration
    • E-Mail Messages
    • Clearly shipment trucking
X/TT Track & Trace modernes Design
X/TT Track & Trace modernes Design