XTRAS, Projekt Management - Vorteile - Änderungsmanagement

Adjustments are something quite normal in the life cycle of an ERP system – business processes can change or additional functions are needed. Many software providers don’t understand this.

Change management is our bread and butter..

Your change requests Change Requests(CRs) will first be registered in an established process and evaluated concerning their technical implementation. After consultation with you and your release for development, the change requests will be implemented and we’ll test them technically and functionally

In the second test phase, the user acceptance test, key-users and users can test the new functions again and release them for real operations.

Because your requests are the most important.

Your change requests (CRs) will first be registered in an established process and evaluated.

From the beginning…

Even the best project planning can’t record all requests at the beginning of a project. In these cases we offer you the Microsoft Dynamics® Sure Step™ project methodology from as early as the development phase to give you the possibility to go into your requests..

Your benefits:

  • Early recognition of any requirements that may be incorrectly set
  • Early integration of any requirements that may have been forgotten
  • Full control of your change requests
  • Multi-level test system